About our Residential Service

Whether your home is large or small, Green Clean Queen is prepared to offer you a fully customized, nontoxic service. All of our Cleaning Technicians are trained to the highest standards and taught efficiency principles to ensure you get the most thorough cleaning without wasting your time or money. Talk about value!
We bring all our own supplies and equipment with us and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.
We use safe, nontoxic cleaning products, hefty doses of elbow grease, and a keen attention to detail to provide our clients with a clean home that is guaranteed.

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Types of Services

Once a week your home gets all sorts of nontoxic love and attention.


Every other week, get your whole space cleaned with the safest products.


Every fourth week we come help you stay on top of the dirt.

Deep Cleans

Most regular clients get a big deep clean to start their service. These are our ‘big deal’ cleans often taking two people all day. Your home will feel larger, fresher, and brand new!


Want the oven or fridge cleaned? Just let us know! That is if we haven’t already done if as a way of saying ‘Thank you!’ for your loyal service.

Reminders and Feedback

We send reminders before your cleaning so you can let us know of any changes or requests. We also value your feedback and make it easy for you to fine-tune your service.

Complimentary In-Home Estimate

Recurring service starts with a brief in-home estimate. It’s our chance to see your space and talk with you about your specific needs and requests. We document this all in a work order which we then share with you so you know exactly what to expect!

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What You Can Expect - Regular Cleans
  • Outside of everything cleaned
  • Inside of microwave
  • Light dishes cleaning
  • Scrub sink + shine fixtures
  • Empty toaster crumb tray
  • Clean inside ledge of dishwasher
  • And more!
  • Scrub tub and shower
  • Extra attention around glass doors
  • Sparkling mirrors
  • No ring in toilet bowl
  • Super clean toilet and surrounding areas
  • Hand wipe floor
  • A bathroom to impress!
Dry Rooms
  • No more cobwebs
  • Damp dusting throughout
  • No more pet hair on furniture
  • Spot clean glass doors
  • Tidy beds
  • Primped blankets and pillows
  • A fresh, clean welcome home!
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