Our Team


Joanna started Green Clean Queen just after graduating from college with her degree in Biology. She loves running her business and getting to know the clients. “System” is her favorite word.

Mr. Fix-it

Joanna’s husband and business partner. When he’s not fixing things around the shop, he is researching for the business, and minding the child while Joanna frantically gets work done.


I work with my mom and dad – sometimes. Not so much now that I’m an enormous toddler with a mind and will of my own. I blow raspberries and run around and around and around mostly.

Behind The Scenes

Kari is our behind the scenes, get-done-what-needs-to-get-done, Quickbooks super star. Have a question about your account? Ask Kari. She has two super adorable kids that she loves to spend time with. When they’re both conveniently sleeping, she enjoys crafting and DIY.

Cleaning Tech

(pic and info coming soon)

Cleaning Tech

(pic and bio coming soon)