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​Araceli is a great addition to your staff. She is friendly and thorough and conscientious ---- got held up in traffic and called to let me know she'd be a little late. I asked her to dust the blinds and wipe out the window tracks, which she did. Left me a note saying she'd seen a line of ants coming in (we'd talked about that problem, gross), around an electrical outlet, so she'd taped it up to show them who was boss -- good move! I will be pleased any time she comes to my house.

Maggie T. 
SW Portland

We were out of town and arrived home to a beautifully clean house. We had a house sitter who didn't quite know how to prep the house the way we normally do, but that didn't matter one bit. Our cleaner just totally knew where to put things and made the whole place shine. We are so lucky to have your services in our life!

Rachel Z. 
NE Portland

The cleaning was excellent as always. My place was sparkling (literally, in the case of my appliances) when I got home, and everything was thoughtfully attended to. Super clean and a pleasure to return to.

Sylvan G. 
SE Portland

The house smelled great, the dust was gone and my son came up from the shower saying, "The walls are shiny!" Becky was very friendly and chatted then got down to business! Perfect mix quite honestly. ​

Emmy R. 
SE Portland

The upstairs bathroom looked great - especially the sink. It truly sparkled! As always, love those vacuum patterns in the carpet - silly but true!

Laura S.  
SE Portland

Amazing! Don't know what I'd do without you guys!

Danielle R.  
SE Portland

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