Sustainability and being ‘green’ are very important to us here at Green Clean Queen. It’s no accident that it’s in our name! “Sustainable” can be defined as: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (Brundtland 1987).
We promise to take into consideration the environmental, social, and economic impact in every aspect of our business.

Environmental Considerations… because we believe in a positive, healthier indoor and outdoor environment for our clients:

  • We use Green Seal or EcoLogo branded products. (
  • We reduce our carbon footprint by carpooling and grouping clients in the same neighborhood on the same day.
  • Encouraging all our clients to implement a recycling program.
  • We are moving going paper-less by using online management applications.
  • Eventually, someday, we hope to have a fleet of vehicles that run on recycled waste vegetable oil and/or bio-diesel.
  • Even our reused recycling bin is recyclable. It’s ugly, but it works!
  • We buy concentated product and buy in bulk to reduce packaging.

Social Considerations… because we believe ethical, sustainable business practices make for happy communities:

  • Fostering relationships with local vendors who are also have socially and ecologically responsible business practices.
  • We try to keep our overhead and operating costs to a minimum to pay our employees a higher than average wage.
  • All employees (even part-time) get paid time off.
  • We have on-going education programs for our employees so they can educate our clients about simple, effective changes to make their lives ‘greener’.

Economic Considerations… because we believe in a strong, independent economy:

  • We buy local whenever possible. (Clean Via is a Portland company!)
  • We educate and encourage our employees and clients to support local businesses.
  • We offer a “price matching” service to our commercial clients to upgrade their janitorial service to a quality, sustainable one without affecting their margins. (*Some exclusions apply. Contact us for more details.)